Maths for Foundation Stage and KS1

Maths activities for our very youngest students begins by using their natural urge to learn by providing interesting activities that will appeal to the child's basic number instincts. We use counting blocks and number lines so the child has a visual representation of the numbers they are dealing with. Exercises are carefully paced through repetition so that the child will move easily from one stage to the next. We aim to give children an enjoyable learning experience and a growing sense of achievement by encouraging them to apply what has been learned in previous exercises. 

We place a strong emphasis on mental arithmetic and times tables. Our mental arithmetic books provide rich and varied practice to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum for Mathematics and introduce mathematical vocabulary and real-life maths problems. Our times tables practice is presented in a series of repetitive yet interesting exercises and questions. Many of our parents are impressed with how well their young children progress with their times tables in our sessions!

Maths for KS2

In Key Stage 2 we build on the progress from Key Stage 1 by gradually withdrawing the child's reliance on apparatus and encouraging mental calculations in their heads. The books that we use are very carefully graded and your child will receive an assessment to ascertain the appropriate starting point for their needs. They will then embark on a programme of maths that will gradually become more challenging, encouraging a deeper exploration of key subject areas.

Throughout their time with us, primary students continually revisit and are encouraged to use more complex times-tables and number facts knowledge. 

Detailed outlines of the content of your child's study programme can be provided at any time - please ask us!

Maths for KS3

For our young secondary students we introduce material that is closely related to the objectives in the National Curriculum for their year group. We are very keen to ensure that they don't feel left behind in their maths so we gently coach them through the topics that they cover in school . At all times we are mindful of their abilities and will pitch the work at the right level of difficulty to boost their confidence and make them feel like they are achieving. Often we use our materials for students just coming to the end of a school year to reinforce, consolidate and extend the learning from maths lessons.

The books that we use:

  • Improve performance with lots of practice opportunities for each topic
  • Provide better test preparation using spaced practice methods to aid recall
  • Aid retention of knowledge so that students can progress confidently.

Maths for KS4 and beyond

Continuing along the same principles as our KS3 students, students preparing for GCSE get plenty of revision material in pure and applied maths to help them thoroughly understand and retain the knowledge they need to pass their GCSE. Each subject area is covered in a depth that is just right for their abilities and will equip them to pass either foundation or standard GCSE maths.

We don't offer intensive GCSE crash revision courses because our teaching methods all rely on coaching students over a period of time. This is so our students feel secure and confident in their abilities and their mathematics becomes an ingrained skill that they use throughout their lifetime.

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