Foundation and KS1

When children are just beginning to read and write, they need to learn basic sounds and spelling patterns. Our phonics activities reinforce children’s understanding of letter blends (such as ‘tr’ and ‘sl’) and single sounds made by more than one letter (‘sh’, ‘ch’ and ‘th’)

As they move into Year 2, our students follow a programme that gives them repeated practice in activities that they will be covering in school. We focus on reading, spelling, grammar, and writing. Our children learn a cursive style of handwriting when they are ready.

We aim to help all students grow in confidence and ensure they feel happy with their skills as they head towards the tests at the end of the year.


We use a series of targeted practice workbooks that are written alongside the curriculum objectives for Year 3 through to 6. Each workbook gives students practice in all the key areas of English and offer activities that are organised into three levels of difficulty. At York Tuition Centres we are very careful to ensure our students feel comfortable with their work. To that end, you may find that your child needs to revisit areas from previous years, just so they can fill any gaps in their knowledge and they can progress confidently. 

Throughout this Key Stage we reinforce all the basic elements of reading, writing, and spelling and allow students to progress at a pace that is right for them. 

As they get to Year 6 our students may revise for their SATs tests and have a go at practice test questions. We find that targeted practice in our friendly and supportive sessions, really helps our Year 6 students feel good about their abilities and alleviates any anxieties they may have about tests.


Following the structure of the English Language curriculum in secondary schools, our KS3 students cover plenty of skills practice in our sessions.

The materials we use for secondary students helps them progress towards GCSE success by using a range of practice exercises to extend and reinforce their learning from school. Key aspects of language, grammar and vocabulary are covered and we use fun and engaging activities that motivate our students and stimulate curiosity and confidence in the subject. 


We help students revise for their exams by providing them with materials that provide clear and concise explanations of the GCSE content and lots of practice activities in session. Students receive quick tests to check understanding and towards the end of year 11 they have mixed practice questions taken from actual GSCE papers. 

We don't provide intensive GCSE revision courses because we believe the best teaching and learning comes from steady, sustained effort and practice rather than a short burst of revision before an exam.

Our Centres:

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